his product makes moving the slider extra smooth

I had to give this product a try as I’ve watched the GlockStore YouTube videos a million times on cleaning the Glock. I will definitely agree with everyone that reviews this believe that this product makes moving the slider extra smooth. For this pen oil keep in mind a little product goes a long way once you place on the essential areas and you rack the slides a few times to distribute the oil.


GB ran a mark19 last night thru 22 rounds in the snow

Here is a quote from my friend that was embedded with 10th Mtn Brigade in Afghanistan: “GB ran a mark19 last night thru 22 rounds in the snow, Let your buddy know the 23 year old gunner(who breaks everything in sight!) ran the gun and said it never felt smoother. Those things are problematic out here with the dust, but the GB worked better than LSA on it. He now is a believer,,,YES Damien, you were right about this stuff, MY A-2 loves it and the m-4s I painted with it are still running great from 3 weeks ago(these guys dont clean after every action, they are an artillery unit doing grunt work) They all ask me for the GB now…


Gun Butter is for all types of metal-to-metal, metal-to-plastic, and plastic-to-plastic mechanisms’. Our lubrication reduces galling and wear, provides two-year rust protection that extends the service life of your favorite recreational mechanical device. Gun Butter Oil is not grease; its oil will resists change and perform consistently below -20 degrees to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our complete all-weather lubricant will not burn up or evaporate in summer’s heat; it functions normally in freezing weather, stays intact during pouring rain, and repels debris.In operational use Gun Butter’s unsurpassed smoothness and consistency is unparalleled due to its longevity and ease of function. Your mechanism has continued performance assured because Gun Butter’s adhesion exceeds the film-strength of molybdenum grease.I don’t know what they put in this stuff. But I can tell you it works. And it works in all kinds of weather. It’s easy to apply, and one bottle isn’t even close to needing a refill after years of use on every gun I own.Is Gun Butter the be-all, end-all solution to your gun lubrication woes, and more importantly, will it solve the failure-to-run problems that plague some of our writer’s guns? I dunno. All I can say is that it works for me, and it’s quickly become the only lubrication I’ll use on my guns.

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super easy to put the lube where you need it to pin point accuracy!

First of all let’s talk about the product.. It doesn’t run all over like any of the other lubricants on the market. It stays where you put it! The applicator that is attached makes it super easy to put the lube where you need it to pin point accuracy! Since I received the product, I have used it on my AR as well as my Glocks and combined have put over two thousand rounds throught the firearms only using this lube and have yet to have issues.. on the bolt of my AR it seems as if the carbon is easier to get ooff as well..

Andrew Coover

Not only am I a certified Gunsmith/Armorer I to have been around weapons ALL my life. I’m telling you from FIRST hand experience there is NO BETTER firearm lubricant in the known universe. I know guys who have used and use it in current theater; Afghanistan. If all you can do is reference what you have read please go to the website: http://staging2.gunbutter.com/ And read away. In particular: http://staging2.gunbutter.com/?p=147 Scroll down to the third from the bottom entitled ‘Afghan Eddie O’… These are the folk I personally know! I have even had feedback from a close friend former Marine (OORAH!) who told me it makes him shoot better. As all the recoil is placed into the springs (semi-auto) and friction is lost from the equation… In bolt-action firearms it decreases lock time… Semi-autos run the way they should with a lightened trigger pull and smoother action… In full auto firearms it will reliably increase cyclic rate!!! I know the Navy SEALs use it and there is no outfit that puts a firearm through more torture than them (HOOYAH)! Gun Butter does NOT attract dust, dirt, sand, or talcum powder smile It stays where you put it. It eliminates corrosion. Doesn’t allow fouling to stick. Kills rust. This lube does not freeze nor can you light it on fire! I wouldn’t use any lube that catches fire, in a FIREARM (such as WD-40). CLP is making a pasty mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. I guarantee if you use it as prescribed your cleaning supplies will change!!! And a 2/3oz bottle will last well over a year going to the range every weekend with three firearms (ie: 870, AR-15, and 1911) So do the math… If all you do is shoot your guns to make them go bang and don’t care about the wear and tear, accuracy or functionality then by all means go the cheap route. But, if you rely on your firearm to bring home the bacon or cover your six or to protect your FAMILY… THERE IS NO BETTER FIREARM LUBRICANT!!! PERIOD!

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