Gun Butter was created out sheer necessity from our founder Mark Turney’s competitive shooting days constantly experiencing lubrication failures or dry gun conditions with virtually every product on the market. This led Mark to work with an Aerospace Engineering Design Team to formulate and improve through years of testing the most complete firearm lubricant on the market almost 20 years! Since then, Gun Butter has proven to not only stop jams, but protect your weapon from the most extreme conditions on earth ensuring proper function of your firearm. Our formula creates a film around your weapon, reducing carbon/dust/water/debris from not only attaching to the lubricant itself, but your weapon as well.  Gun Butter can also be used to clean your weapon as it loosens and lifts debris away from the weapon. Once lubricated, cleaning is as easy as wiping away the residual lubricant and reapplying.


In operational use Gun Butter’s smoothness and consistency is unparalleled due to its longevity and ease of function. Your mechanism has continued performance assured because Gun Butter’s adhesion exceeds the film-strength of molybdenum grease found in many other products on the market.

What you can expect from out Complete Firearm Lubricant:


-Non Toxic Formula

-Synthetic Ingredients

-Non Corrosive Properties

-Oxidation/Rust Protection good for 2 years

-Low Odor

-Water/Dust/Carbon resistant properties

-Unsurpassed Smoothness


Don’t take our word for it, check out Team Gun Butter’s Testimonials.

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